4 Tips: How to prepare a convincing PowerPoint Presentation (Guest Post by Birthe Stiglegger)

by Oliver Adria on 26/02/2013

You have to give a speech but you don’t know how to organize the presentation yet? Here are four tips that should help to arrange and structure your speech. Learn how to convince your audience with an attractive PowerPoint presentation.

1. Know your audience
Before giving the speech you should inform yourself about your audience. You will always leave a good impression already knowing who is sitting in front of you and which background knowledge you can expect. This is one of the most important aspects regarding the preparation of your speech. You can directly display your central statements and discuss them with your listeners. It doesn’t make sense to give an introduction into a topic if your listeners already are experts in it.

2. Collect materials
Your presentation depends on significant illustrations that underline your speech. To have a convincing appearance you should collect materials for your topic in good time prior to your PowerPoint presentation. Everything that is of use for your presentation should be collected at first and then, according to priority, be evaluated, for example, pictures, newspaper and magazine articles, monographs and videos as well as self-made diagrams or tables. Don’t use too much text; choose 8 to 10 graphic illustrations instead to display facts and ideas.

3. Structure your speech
Structure your speech: Work out the most important statements and divide them into introduction, main part and conclusion. The PowerPoint presentation just stages the main statements of your speech; focus on the essence and don’t overload it. 10 to 12 slides are enough to outline the most important facts. Also consider that the listener’s attention will last for around 20 minutes. So it is always a good idea to ask interposed questions to achieve new attention as well as to initiate a dialogue.

4. Layout & design – less is more
Choose a uniform design and font size for every slide with moderate coloration. Microsoft offers a manageable selection of default designs. If you want a presentation with professional layout or even the corporate design of your company, the online shop PresentationLoad offers high-quality PowerPoint templates ready for download. The shop’s range covers charts for project management, business basics, self-presentation, application, strategy, analysis, and many more. You can immediately insert these charts to your presentation and just need to add text, pictures and content.

This Guest Post was written by Birthe Stiglegger of PresentationLoad.

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