5 Tips for an effective presentation (Guest Post by Frank Hodrea of Charteo)

by Oliver Adria on 02/06/2012

In many business units presentations belong to the weekly routines. Despite that most employees dread presenting as well as listening to boring presentations. However presentations don’t have to be stressful or dull. The following tips will help you to create a successful presentation.

5 tips for a perfect presentation

  1. Keep it simple: Use simple sentences, so that they are easier to understand. Use bullet points for a clear statement. Less text is sometimes more, and gets better memorized.
  2. Tell a story: A presentation should have a coherent narrative structure that is catchy and easy to understand. The story should have a central theme that the audience can follow. A good story builds an arc of suspense.
  3. Work with images: You can communicate your ideas much better, as concrete and graphic they become. Complex context is easier and quicker understood using diagrams, tables, drawings or images. Images provoke emotions of the audience, when it sympathizes it engages better with your ideas.
  4. Attract attention: You can attract attention using professional PowerPoint slides with extraordinary design that capture and inspire your audience.
  5. End with a call to action: Not just end your presentation with a conclusion, but put your audience in charge for the goals you want to reach. Get the audience to act in order to have your presented ideas converted.

The construction of a perfect presentation is of course aligned with much effort. To save time and work we’ve developed a tool called Charteo. There you will find an online shop with over 15,000 pre-designed PowerPoint-single slides and templates that can be individually composed online and afterwards downloaded as a complete presentation in the desired color. Our portfolio offers various layouts, charts and graphics, but also finished PowerPoint slides of different business and marketing categories. All of these were designed to harmonize with each other and can be customized to match the corporate design.
Link to our Website Charteo

Use “charteo10us” to save 10 EUR on the online shop.

Following are some sample PowerPoint charts from Charteo:

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