About Me

My name is Oliver Adria, I grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m an electrical engineering student (update: graduated in early 2010, I’m an engineer now, whoo!) in Cologne, Germany and I work in the area of sustainability policies and renewable energy technologies. I like to write articles (especially in the area of sustainability and – obviously – presentations) for different magazines and I do a lot of presentation design at work but I also do it for fun at home.


I have a lot of different interests, from running medium/long-distance (my longest distance was the Cologne Marathon in 2009. I like to do a lot of other different sports, I love playing football (soccer), I enjoy badminton, basketball, track & field. I like black bread, honey (many types of’em, yumm), green jasmine tea, a lot of stuff from Apple Computers (iPod shuffle, MacBooks, other Mac hardware) and other electronics that might make life comfortable. I like to hang out at my favorite coffee place (though I usually drink tea there) and listen to music from Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Ingrid Michaelson or even The Killers while writing articles or working on presentations. I like to read books on a variety of issues, from presentations, design, computers, engineering, sustainability, environment, technology, running and anything unconventional.

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