Content and Storyline are Key!

by Oliver Adria on 05/06/2009

However you want to think about it, you will always realize that content is very crucial. I used to be obsessed with design; when creating a website, I would start with some tiny content, and once that is up, I would spend the rest of the time creating great design and I would forget about the content. But that’s not what people want. People want content! I’ve seen horribly designed blogs that have tons of subscribers and readers. That’s because the content is valuable. The same applies for presentations. I’ve seen excellent presentations with really, really awful slides. But since the storyline and the content of the presentation are excellent, the bad slides don’t have that much of a negative effect.
On the other hand, I use to create really carefully designed slides without caring for the storyline too much. The result was inevitable: It was a bad (or even horrible) presentation. So, as much as you like to design – focus on the content first. Instead of preparing the presentation by designing the slides, start by brainstorming ideas, writing text, getting your storyline down and creating valuable content for your audience. Once you have the content, then you can start on the design. To apply the “form follows function“ idea to the presentations world: “Design follows content“.

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