Diagrammer launched by Duarte, Inc. – Beautiful Diagrams for everyone to use

by Oliver Adria on 15/03/2012

Dear Readers, I’ve been now creating presentations for other people for about 5 years and in the last years I’ve more and more used the ideas and approaches from Nancy Duarte and Duarte, Inc. They’ve just published a new tool called Diagrammer. If you can’t be bothered with creating new diagrams or don’t have the time to create them, then Diagrammer might be the way to go. Just take a quick look and see if there’s anything that you like. Following is the press release:

Mountain View, California, March 14, 2012 – Duarte, Inc., a presentation communication agency, today launches Diagrammer™ (www.diagrammer.com) an online resource that provides sophisticated but low-cost slide diagrams to businesspeople and other communicators who seek to create powerful and memorable presentations.

Diagrammer is a library of 4,000 slide diagrams comprising all of the essential concepts and relationships common to business and professional communication. But it is more than a database of images. Diagrammer is a unique visual taxonomy that enables communicators to understand their ideas in a more nuanced and accurate way, and guides them to find more evocative and harder-hitting means of conveying their messages.

Business executives, thought-leaders, government employees, teachers, and communicators of all types have come to rely on popular software tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint® and Apple Keynote® to create slide presentations. Most communicators, however, have little or no professional design background, and consequently repeat common design errors that result in unclear, inaccurate, or merely forgettable slides, weakening their presentations.

Among the most common design mistakes, for example, are the overuse of text and bullet points, resulting in wordy, hard-to-understand slides.

“If there are several words on a slide, they are related in some way. If you can show the specific nature of that relationship or connection in your slide design your idea will be clearer and stronger,” said Nancy Duarte, CEO of Duarte, Inc. “Diagrammer shows presenters how to think about their concepts in a more specific and evocative manner, and gives them the correct slide graphics to express it.”

For more than 20 years, Duarte has helped create hundreds of thousands of presentations for many of the world’s best-known brands and thought-leaders. Clients include Avaya, Cisco, Food Network, GE, Google, HP, Qualcomm and The World Bank.

To create Diagrammer, Duarte sorted through years of her designers’ sketchbooks. This search revealed patterns of diagrammatic communication, classified by a set of categories that no one else had identified. Virtually all business concepts fell within these categories, among them such ideas as SEGMENT, FLOW, JOIN, STACK and NETWORK. Diagrammer’s thousands of slide design options fall under these general categories.

Diagrammer makes it easy to find and download the best slides quickly. For example, if two departments or products were merged in a corporate restructuring, a presenter could search the Diagrammer category called JOINED. Within this category, he/she could find slide designs to convey additional specificity, such as OVERLAP – in varying degrees and styles.

Diagrammer’s visual taxonomy walks customers through the design thought process to quickly locate the optimal slides within the general categories—and to gain better understanding and insight into their own presentations. Each Diagrammer slide can be immediately downloaded as a PowerPoint for 99 cents from Diagrammer.com. Visit the site to see how Diagrammer can help businesspeople and other professionals improve their presentations with more visually powerful, more informative slides.

About Diagrammer™
Diagrammer™ is an online store that provides sophisticated, low-cost slide diagrams to businesspeople and communicators who seek to create powerful and memorable presentations. It was developed by Duarte, Inc., a presentation communication firm based in Mountain View, California, that has worked on hundreds of thousands of presentations for many of the world’s best-known brands and thought leaders. For more information, visit http://www.Diagrammer.com.

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