“Dr. Albert Einstein: A Tribute” featured on slideshare

by Oliver Adria on 17/03/2009

einstein_tributeOne saturday morning I had a funny idea for a presentation, so I took the time until noon to create these slides. The idea came to me, when I thought that Einstein is quoted a lot, and many of his quotes revolve around similar themes, e.g. life, science, ethics. What if I can connect all the quotes? So I did that. In the presentation you will see a series of quotes – and starting at the second quote, every quote contains a phrase from the previous quote.

Fortunately enough, the slideshare team thought enough of it, that they featured it on the start page of the technology section for a day – thanks guys. So, here it is, my tribute to Einstein. Enjoy!

Update: The slideshare team is now also featuring it on its homepage!! I’m thrilled!!

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