Presentation Essentials – Organization License

Do you want to use the eBook “Presentation Essentials” for your company/organisation? We’ll make it easy for you and we will give you a time-based flat-rate fee. So for a specific amount of time, you can use the eBook how you want within your company. As an additional value, your company’s logo will also be shown on the cover of your company’s edition of the eBook. After that specific amount of time, everyone gets to keep the eBook, but we ask you not to distribute it further.


Package 1: Up to 5 people: $35 (down to only $7/person) save 65% than when purchased separately
Package 2: Up to 20 people: $70 (only $3.5/person) save up to 82%!
Package 3: Up to 50 people: $125 (only $2.5/person) save up to 88%!
Package 4: Up to 100 people: $200 (only $2/person) save up to 90%!!
Package 5: Up to 250 people: $375 (only $1.5/person) save up to 93%!!!
Package 6: Over 250 people: Please contact

  • Includes personalized cover with small company logo (Package 3 and above, or $10 additional fee for Package 1 and 2).
  • Includes free updates, when there is a new version of the eBook during the license term.
  • Includes 15% Discount Code for your Clients! If you want to give your clients the eBook at a reduced price, we will give you an eBook discount code (e.g. when your clients enter “YOURCOMPANY2010″ as a discount code, they will receive 15% off!)

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Not-for-Profits Organisations (NPO), Universities/Colleges/Schools get a 25% discount on all prices.

During this one year, you are freely allowed to put the eBook on your intranet for these specific people to download. You can also send the eBook to the people (e.g. via a mailing list). During this 1 year you will also receive updated versions of the eBook so you always have the newest version online.

This is not an automatically recurring payment, before the license ends you will be asked to extend the license. Should you do nothing, your license will end and we ask you to take it off the intranet and not send it over mailing lists anymore. The people who have received the eBook (e.g. via mailing list or intranet) get to keep the eBook.


The costs are based on how many people will have access to the eBook.

Example 1: You are a consulting company and you have 40 consultants and you want them all to have the eBook, it costs $125 for a 1-year-license. During this one year you can mail this eBook to these 40 consultants, you can make it available on the internal intranet for these consultants to download. (And if the company grows to the next sized level, that’s fine, too, the billing for that year does not increase.)

Example 2: You are an NGO with 200 employees, but only want the marketing department – 15 people – to use the eBook, it would cost $70 minus the 25% for NGOs, so in total $52.5 (so less than the price of 3 eBooks!).

To get an organization license, please write to

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