Having a genius: Author Elizabeth Gilbert gives a visual speech (without any slides!)

by Oliver Adria on 03/03/2009

Elizabeth Gilbert gave a very cool speech at TED ’09. And guess what, she doesn’t use any slides! It’s really exciting to see her talk , she’s very modest, she’s funny and she tells a captivating story about creativity and genius. She was very visual in the sense that she describes things and you can see the things she’s describing in your head (friendly reminder: She doesn’t use any slides or any props; even her clothes are plain black).
She doesn’t just tell you facts, but she tells you a whole story. She uses the whole body to say what she wants to say. She’s not stuck behind a podium, with her hands holding the podium’s sides. No, she’s talking freely, expressively. If you have 19 minutes to spare, be sure to check out the clip.

You can feel that she’s passionate about what she is saying. She puts in some funny anecdotes here and there, she tells some real-life stories of other authors and she seems to be very comfortable being on stage. A captivating performance!

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about genius at TED

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