How do I apply “One Core Message” to a Project Management Presentation?

by Oliver Adria on 21/04/2010

qa4Kamara asks

I’m suppose to present the project management plan to the project sponsor. I cant seem to think of a core message but I know the supporting pieces would be to tell about the budget, schedule, scope of the project, risk management, quality management, deliverables and project exclusions.
What would be the core message of such a presentation?

My answer
Hi Kamara, thanks for your email.
Regarding your question, it is a tough one, to liven up a project management presentation. And of course, it is not possible to dogmatically apply all ideas that have been given to all presentations.

But I think, it is possible to have a “theme” in the project management presentation. You told me you need to explain the “budget, schedule, scope of the project, risk management, quality management, deliverables and project exclusions”.

As a wild example, perhaps you can put it under the theme of “efficient and impactful”. In the beginning you tell them, that you want this project to be >efficient and impactfulefficient and impactful<.

I don’t know the background of the project, so it’s a bit hard to assess. But at the end of the day, once the people leave the presentation, they should remember “Hm, I think this project is efficient and will have a big impact!” – I’m exaggerating a little :-) – but I hope you understand what I mean. Instead of jumping from one point to the next without any direction, they should see and feel the “storyline”/”theme”. Most people will probably only remember 1-2 things from a presentation, so you should let them know what it is.

I hope this helps! Warm regards,


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