Inspiration, Vision, Determination: Jacek Utko on how Design can help save newspapers

by Oliver Adria on 03/04/2009

jacekutko1Jacek Utko had a very interesting 6-minute TED talk on newspaper design and how it helped a newspaper achieve a 100% growth. When I saw this, I directly saw the link to presentations and how his approach can be used for presentation design (by design I don’t mean how to put pictures into the slides or which type of font to use – but I mean design in a bigger sense as in how to approach the presentation as a whole). I really liked how he thought about design. He said:

Design was just part of the process. And the process we made was not about changing the look. It was about improving the product completely. I took an architectural rule about function and form and translated [for the] newspaper: Content and design. And I put a strategy on top of it. So first you ask the big question: Why do we do it? What is the goal? Then we adjust the content accordingly. And then [...] we start designing.”

This really makes sense and I’ve also written this several times in my blogs or slideshows to first think about content and the aim of the content before starting the design. Furthermore, later he states an interesting thing about design and designers:

Design can change not just your product, it can change your workflow, actually it can change everything in your company. You can turn your company upside down. It can even change you.

The clip is only 6 minutes, so take a look when you have some spare time!

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