Keep an eye on Prezi

by Oliver Adria on 17/03/2009


Caution: Lots of buzz words in this post!

I just discovered this really cool geeky tool to create stunning presentations, it’s called Prezi. In essence, it’s a presentation tool with which you can move around on one big slide. So instead of changing slides, you just move from one spot to the next, zooming in, zooming out, turning (I imagine you can easily do some cool motion typography with this thing). I suppose you can do most of the things with Flash as well. But then again, you can also update each other via Facebook, but people still use Twitter. So who knows.

Why not give it a whirl at It’s still not fully released yet, but you can test it and see what it can do. I don’t think it will replace PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote anytime soon, but if the developers can create a reliable and user-friendly product out of it, you might want to use this to create some really cool demos and presentations!

Update: I just received an acceptance from and I will give it a test this weekend. Subscribe to this blog (RSS feed button on the right) or keep visiting the blog to read the follow-up next week!

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