Out of ideas for your next presentation? Go exercise!

by Oliver Adria on 22/03/2009

exerciseAre you running out of ideas for your next presentation? Then maybe doing some physical exercise just might do the trick! I’ve had ideas for presentations come to me during a 5 mile run or so. I like running a lot and will do the occasional half-marathon, but during the relaxed training runs in the park (with or without my iPod Shuffle) my brain starts to unleash a lot of ideas.

There’s also a lot of scientific material to back this up. One of my favorite books on this subject is an easily digestible book called Brain Rules (12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School) by John Medina. If you haven’t read it yet, it might be worth taking a look. To get an idea of what he will talk about, take a peek at the Brain Rules website. Here’s a short quote from his website on Rule #1 (Exercise):

Exercise improves cognition for two reasons:

  • Exercise increases oxygen flow into the brain, which reduces brain-bound free radicals. One of the most interesting findings of the past few decades is that an increase in oxygen is always accompanied by an uptick in mental sharpness.
  • Exercise acts directly on the molecular machinery of the brain itself. It increases neurons’ creation, survival, and resistance to damage and stress.

Here is a short 3 1/2 minute video clip to Brain Rule #1 – Exercise – Exercise boosts brain power:

So, next time you are out of ideas, why not take a brisk walk or a short run?

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