PowerPoint Template Contest (PowerPoint Live)

by Oliver Adria on 16/05/2009

contest_logo_doneYeah, finally another Presentation contest, I’ve been waiting for one to pop up again (I hope Slideshare also has one again this summer!). Though you can somewhat see Pecha Kucha Nights as an informal (and fun!) contest. On their website it reads: “The PowerPoint Live Design Contest is open to anyone and everyone: your mission is to create the slide design that would be used for the conference template. If chosen, your design would be used in all of our seminar tracks by just about all of our presenting team.”

Go to the Presentation Live Web site to get more details.

The winning designs from the last years are as follows

2006 Winner

06entry106entry2This design is kept quite simple and the text is very harmonious. It’s very colorful, but the colors are not “strong” so they don’t compete with the content.

2007 Winner

07entry107entry22007 was to have a New Orleans theme and I think this worked quite well. The 2007 Winner actually made 3 different title templates – a different one for each day.

2008 Winner

08entry108entry2Last year the winner had a “mash-up” of analog and digital. There were actually a variety of title slides to choose from. The “feel” is actually really different from the previous winner. This one is more sleek and cutting edge, while 2007 was more warm and subtle.

2009 Winner

Maybe you?? Join the contest! I know I will.

The betterpresenting editorial has some more stuff on what they are looking for. Best of luck to you!

Blog Post from Nancy Duarte – American Idol meets Slide Design

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