Quickly replace one font with another in your PowerPoint slides (Guest Post by Ellen Finkelstein)

by Oliver Adria on 13/08/2010

I’ve recently read the helpful online book from fellow presentation/blogger colleague Ellen Finkelstein entitled 101 Tips Every PowerPoint® User Should Know and I want to share with you one of her tips – Quickly replace one font with another in your PowerPoint slides:
Choose Format> Replace Fonts. In the Replace box, choose the font you want to replace. In the With box, choose the new font that you want to use. Click Replace and then click Close. (In PowerPoint 2007, choose Home tab> Editing group> Replace> Replace Font. You may get a message asking you to select a double-byte font. Try choosing Arial Unicode MS. If that isn’t satisfactory, you may have to change the fonts one by one.) If you have only one font in the presentation and want to replace it, do so on the slide master.

This is just one of 101 tips you can get in her easily digestible and fun-to-read e-book! It is made up of 10 chapters for easy referencing and I thought I knew a lot about PowerPoint, but there were still some time-savers in this book that have been quite useful for me! Each of the tips is quick to read and won’t overburden you with technical stuff!
Some other tips include

  • Use the slide master for consistency
  • Choose your background based on lighting
  • Change the fill of the bars in bar charts
  • Remove an image background

So if you’re also interested in getting some more knowledge and perhaps even get some PowerPoint time-savers yourself, I recommend getting this e-book.

Here is the link 101 Tips Every PowerPoint® User Should Know (full disclosure: I do get a percentage of the sales through this link, but I would recommend it even without the money :-) )

Check out Ellen’s webpage with many useful tips on Ellen Finkelstein’s PowerPoint Tips Blog

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