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by Oliver Adria on 22/08/2010

rethink_on_facebookIn order to also to discuss more with you and also in order to connect better, I have decided to expand Rethink Presentations into Facebook! If you’re on Facebook, the Rethink Presentations Page is a great place to get new information in addition to the regular newsletter!

Whilst the regular newsletter will give you regular tips, the Facebook page will give you a platform to discuss and also ask questions. So why wait? Join now and become a Fan of Rethink Presentations on Facebook.

Become a fan today and join in the discussion with fellow presenters and enthusiasts!

Additional Prize for Early Birds!!

For the first two weeks after the launch, I will give away one digital copy of the PresentationEssentials eBook (normal price US$ 19.95!!), once on 30 August 2010, and once on 6 September 2010!! It will be decided by lottery for all Fans of the Rethink Presentations Page on Facebook.

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