Science Slam – Playground for Nerdy Presenters?

by Oliver Adria on 03/05/2010

While I was browsing on the internet on “What’s happening?” in my city of Cologne, Germany, I happened to stumble across the pages of “Science Slam”. Apparently the first Cologne Science Slam is going to take place next week! When I read up on what it’s about on the Science Slam Webpage (German only), I found out it’s about 10 minute presentations on science issues – it’s supposed to be a mixture of technical stuff and humor. Science meets Stand-up comedy, if you will.

Being the nerdy guy that I am (my background is electrical engineering), 20 seconds later I clicked the “Send” button of my email message in order to get tickets.

It seems like Science Slam has reached many German cities already – and I imagine it actually started in Germany, because I couldn’t find webpages for this type of event with the name of Science Slam. Similar to my first Pecha Kucha Night Experience, I will do a review of this Science Slam.

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