Social Media and the World: A Short Presentation

by Oliver Adria on 21/03/2009

Social Media and the World: A short presentation

This is my 4th upload to slideshare and this time it deals with the subject of numbers. To be more exact, it compares “big numbers” from social media with numbers from global issues (hmm… hard to explain, why not take a quick look at the presentation?).

I also wanted to show with this presentation, that with little tools it is already possible to create a nice presentation. I used one picture for each slide, and for the main content I only used one type of font and two colors. The whole presentation took about 3 hours to make, from concept to finish (though I spent over half an hour on editing this one single image). If you haven’t read it yet, I actually used the Crappy First Slides approach to this presentation, something that I’ve used several times for some of my shorter presentations.

Hope you enjoy this short presentation.

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