The care of Fonts and Presentation Slides

by Oliver Adria on 02/10/2010

helevetica_neue_cutoutI knew that if you dive deep enough into the area of fonts, that you will actually see a world of its own. I had not known in how much detail it goes. I recently saw a video that showed me a little on how much care goes into developing a font (it’s at the end of this post).

Often underestimated, font types do have a big impact on your presentation. It can create a mood, from funny to serious, from emotional to neutral.

And I have different fonts that I use for different occasions. For a bit out-of-the-box audiences I like to use Gill Sans or Myriad Pro (the “Apple font”). But for many presentations, I sometimes still use – I admit – Arial. This is due to practical reasons. Since usually I will have to send my presentation somewhere or bring it on a USB stick, and it’s always a small surprise whether everything works first time around, I need to make sure it’s compatible – both on Mac and Windows and on many different versions.

For Serif types (those are the fonts that have those little lines at the ends of the letters) I like to use Adobe Garamond Pro, but it’s not widely supported.

Maybe you also have a favorite font? If you haven’t decided yet, maybe you want to take the “What Font Are You?” test. Apparently I’m a Helvetica.

Here is a nice video which shows a glimpse on just how much work goes into a font

FontCast #16 — FontFont Type Department from FontShop on Vimeo.

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