Funny Presentations: Ze Frank and the Internet’s Funny Side

by Oliver Adria on 05/04/2009

zefrankZe Frank is a really funny person, you might of first heard of him when he sent around his online birthday party invitation which was forwarded around the world. Based on that he has started creating more online (and offline) projects and he’s also a public speaker now. He spoke at TED several times and I want to present to you his presentation from TED 2004.

In the first part, he talks a lot about the funny things on the web. He kept the tension in room by reading off of a letter without giving it any context – confusing everyone. Only in the middle of the letter did the audience understand that he was reading a spam mail. I’m gonna call it the “Sixth Sense Effect” (not because you need a sixth sense, because – similar as to the movie “Sixth Sense” – only much later does everything make sense; I will wrote more about this effect in a later post). He has some more funny stuff in his presentation.

So if you’re a bit tired or just need to relax, take a look – it’s really funny!

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