Tweeting about your Presentations in #preso (a Twitter special)

by Oliver Adria on 19/04/2009

bluebirdTwitter has grown quite considerably since it was founded and especially in the last few months. With it, many things we do in the area of technology have also changed.

#preso or #ppt?

It’s been to some (though only little) debate, what hashtag should be used to follow presentation-related tweets (hashtags are sort of like identifiers with which you can follow a certain topic – in this case: presentations). A lot of people already use #ppt since this comes very natural. PowerPoint IS the most popular slideware and the file ending “.ppt” is something a lot of people know, but this does bring up an old subject: People tend to think of PowerPoint as the presentation itself. But PowerPoint is nothing more than a tool, just as Apple’s Keynote is – it is NOT the presentation itself. Many excellent presentations don’t even use any slides.

So I want to propose using #preso, since using #ppt would be somewhat biased towards Microsoft AND PowerPoint. PowerPoint has just gotten so famous that people like to use presentation and PowerPoint interchangeably, somewhat like inline skates and RollerBlades (the latter is a brand name). I suppose people will use both, and #ppt is the shorter and (currently) the more intuitive one, but I will use #preso nonetheless, since I believe “presentation” definitely does not equal “PowerPoint” and vice versa. And I don’t want to leave the Apple people out!

So if you want to see my Tweets, just follow me at Oliver_ReThink or search for #preso.

If you are interested, here is a short presentation from the co-founder of Twitter (I think his presentation was tweeted a lot while he was presenting).

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