Welcome to ReThink Presentations!

by Oliver Adria on 27/02/2009

Welcome to the newly created ReThink Presentations Blog. I was excited and thrilled to get so many great responses to my uploaded presentation . In the 7 months after the presentation was uploaded it has received over 35.000 views and I have received almost 100 emails from readers around the world. The presentation I’m talking about is the one I sent in to the Slideshare.net contest in the summer of 2008 (you can see it at the end of this post).

I’ve been doing presentations at work for quite a while now. But I also like to create some slides and do presentations just for the heck of it (yes, I’m a geek!). So I’m excited to create this blog to get into a discussion with the rest of the world and talk about design, presentation and esthetics. To start off this blog, I’m including the presentation that I submitted to the contest last year. I will review some of the things that I have mentioned in the slides in future posts and go into them in more detail.

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